Reference Desk hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Reference Desk phone number: (813) 974-2288

To consult with a reference librarian, Request a Consultation.
To set up a class for two or more people, Schedule a Library Class.

Reference librarians function as a starting point for library research and provide assistance and instruction in the use of library resources. Search assistance is available without a fee to all library patrons. Library classes are available to all USF Health patrons upon request.

If you want the librarians to complete the search for you, fee-based searches are available. To insure the most accurate information retrieval, it is important that you speak with a reference librarian personally. ( This service is not available to students. For students, librarians will provide instruction and assistance only.)

Fee-based service charges vary according to university affiliation. Use the Request a Consultation or call 813-974-2288 for fee information and to initiate this service.

The fee structure is as follows:

$20 per subject search in PubMed for USF Health affiliates.

$40 per subject search in PubMed for members of the health care community that are not affiliated with USF.

$60 per subject search in PubMed for members of the community at large.

$10 surcharge for each additional database searched for a particular subject.

Results of the literature search will include: Complete journal citation: Author, Title, Source, and Abstract, if available. It can be delivered by mail, e-mail, or you may pick it up at the Library Services Desk located in Shimberg Library.